Color Word Practice Using Boom Cards

Are you looking for a way to merge your typical color word worksheets with digital color word practice, so you can get more bang for your buck when teaching color words? Well, look no further… you’ve come to the right place! You (and your Littles) will L O V E these Color Word Practice Boom Cards! They provide your Littles the opportunity to practice learning color words in a fun and engaging way.  In addition to adding some fun and excitement to learning, these decks also offer audio support, self-checking, and self-correcting practice! What’s even better is these Boom Card decks also come with worksheets for color words! The worksheets provide even more reinforcement for your Littles to learn their color words.

One of the best ways I have found for teaching color words is through lots of repetition and lots of practice. We focus on one color word at a time. First, I introduce the word by singing a song and/or Eyewords.  Then we move to whole group activities with mini books, worksheets, and pocket chart activities. One of our favorite color words activities is Color Words Pocket Chart Sorting Center by Crystal McGinnis.


When we move to independent practice, and/or small group work students really enjoy hopping on their tablets for these Color Word Boom Cards. Not only are they great to have on hand to supplement your teaching, but they are also fun and incredibly engaging.  Let’s have a little looksie at what all your Littles can accomplish with these decks.

First Thing’s, First…

Just in case you don’t know, Boom Cards are bomb! They allow students to practice different skills independently and confidently!  As students move through decks, they will hear a ding for correct answers and a “Whoops!” for incorrect answers.  The incorrect answer ding definitely encourages them to check their work! Students can drag-and-drop different items, type, and select answers, making Boom Cards super interactive!

Fun Ways to Teach Color Words

These Color Word Practice Boom Cards help Littles learn color words. Each deck focuses on just one color and color word, offering kiddos the ultimate opportunity to master each color and its corresponding color word.

To kick things off, students are introduced to the color they will be focusing on, complete with some audio support. The next slide has them “trace” the color word with a digital pencil to make them familiar with spelling color words.  Having Littles practice he path of motion for each letter of the color word is also helpful for their retention.

Then, students start to really get Interactive as they move through a series of cards where they have to find objects of the color they are focusing on. These slides are to acquaint Littles with the visual aspect of the color they are working on.

Next, students will use the drag and drop feature to move a colored scribble over the corresponding color word. This allows students practice with the color word in isolation, while still being given the visual cue of the actual color.

Then, students move into identifying the focused color objects and dragging those objects into a circle. This allows for students to practice recognizing focused color objects and sorting them out from the other objects. This also allows for students to build up some background knowledge and vocabulary by seeing objects that they have/will come into contact with in the real world. I always like to see the excitement ignite because they can connect with something they are learning in school. It just makes learning that much more meaningful for them!

Reading Practice Using Color Words

Once students have had practice with the color and color word, they will move into reading practice for the next 3 slides. At the end of each sentence, they will need to type the color they are working with for more spelling practice.  While engaging in reading practice, students are also practicing other common sight words on these slides. If students are not quite ready to read on their own, no problem! I’ve got you covered with audio support!

Word Building With Color Words

For the last slide, students will simply use the drag and drop feature to build the color word they are working with. Each letter will be dragged into its own letterbox. When pairing this with the worksheets, students can further reinforce their practice with writing color words.

As you can see, there are so many different ways for Littles to practice color words with these Color Word Practice Boom Cards! This resource comes in a money-saving bundle, or you can grab them individually in my Teacher Shop!

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